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Also, we have a standard investment Opportunity
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Invest $1k. Get back up to $390,000

A 3-year contract to earn you

a minimum of $50 - $2,500 weekly

income for 156 weeks. This would fetch

you from $7,800 to $390,000 returns.

See the contract here

See the contract here$1k-mlm-2017.pdf





Additionally, Get a
$100,000 Grant

Yes, We have just found a way to give you
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income expectations from your
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We have just decided to give away $10 million
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We'll now make you a member of

the International Business Friends Alliance

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Read about the IBFA business grants
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Please don't invest $1,000 today at epalogic
and by the following day try to claim your
$100,000 cash grant from IBF-Alliance

It will take some time for this to mature with us at
first before we send the money on your behalf to the IBFA.
See details inside your contract


View your 3-page contract below



The contract explains this concept
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Is this legal.

We are saying publicly that we have a project
which has been estimated to yield up to $1.2 Billion
annually and we promised to give extra $10 million
to the first 100
investors whom had invested $1,000 each into our marketing department for boosting the

Nothing is illegal about our promise. It is called an
incentive and it is for only 100 first comers.


While we market our products, we'll give
you $50 or more every week for 3 years
for your $1,000 and after 2 years, we'll
give you a $100,000 grant if you were
one of the first 100.


We are doing this (paying you profit sharing high
returns like a partner )
simply to win your business
not to lose it; but would you believe us?


In other words, we won't do this to make you
run away
from us because you'll think that it is too
good to be true. To earn at least $107,800 from
only a $1,000 investment


We called the $100k a grant (not a gift) because
if you could pay it back later, then, pay it back to us. No
problems but no presure against you to pay it back.


Look! The company is projected to earn $1.2 billion
annually and would give $10 million more to the first
100 investors at marketing division


$1.2 billion a year is equal to $100 million monthly
for the company. Look, Even if the company
earns only $100 million in a whole year, it can still give
out the extra $10 million to the first 100 investors as
promised in the incentives package.


View your 3-page contract below



The contract explains this concept
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Can any company beneath this Planet
Earth's Blue sky be able to pay up to $490,000 returns on a $1,000 investment?


Yes, it can be possible in this modern day of ours.

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Yes, some even paid out $25 million returns for
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2nd Contract

Claim the $100,000 (or more) business grant


You could be up to $490,000 richer with
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25,000 business friends as well.





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Look if you invest only $5k, you would get back almost
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Additionally, you'll get a $500k cash Grant


Minimum investment is $1k


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